W_03 – Satellite remote sensing for coastal monitoring


W_03 – Satellite remote sensing for coastal monitoring
ORGANIZERS: Donatella Dominici, Maria Alicandro, Sara Zollini (Department of Civil, Construction – Architectural and Environmental Engineering, University of L’Aquila)

WHEN: 05.09.2023 – 2 PM-6 PM

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Coastal environments are dynamic ecosystems, constantly subject to erosion/accretion processes. Erosional trends have unfortunately been intensifying for decades due to anthropic factors and an accelerated sea level rise might exacerbate the problem. It is crucial to preserve these areas for safeguarding not only coastal ecosystems and cultural heritage, but also the population living there. In this context, monitoring coastal areas is essential and geomatics techniques, especially satellite remote sensing imagery, might prove very advantageous. This workshop has the aim to raise awareness of this environmental problem and to propose geomatics methodologies and techniques to monitor coastal areas. The use of free-of-charge satellite images, namely the Sentinel, will be illustrated and the most common pre-processing steps, together with the algorithms, will be fully described. Then, processing examples will be taken into account. The purpose will be highlighting the main features to be extracted for a complete coastal monitoring, starting from shoreline extraction methodologies until change detection on coastal environment, which analyses any changes occurred in the area of ​​interest over a certain period of time. The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to a theoretical part relating to optical and radar satellite images and to the DIP (Digital Image Processing). Then, in the second part, practical examples will be performed by using specific software and algorithms for feature extraction.


  • Earth Observation tools
  • Optical and radar satellite remote sensing
  • Pre-processing and processing of satellite imagery



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