S_01 – Resilient, Circular and Sustainable Cities
ORGANIZERS: Balletto Ginevra, Ladu Mara, Trinh tu Anh, Borruso Giuseppe, Fancello Gianfranco and Balázs Kulcsár


S_02 – Geospatial earth data to support the restoration of soil ecosystems and implications for spatial planning (GEO4SP)
ORGANIZERS: Tarantino Eufemia, Esposito Dario and Capolupo Alessandra


S_03 – Geodesign for Informed Collaborative Spatial Planning and Design
ORGANIZERS: Campagna Michele, Mourao Moura Ana Clara and Scorza Francesco


S_04 – Integrating Ecosystem Services into Spatial Planning Processes: Sustainable Solutions for Healthier and Safer Urban and Rural Environments
Privitera Riccardo, Lai Sabrina and Zoppi Corrado


S_05 – The Urban Digital Twin: a new dimension for the land planning
Fistola Romano, Fasolino Isidoro


S_06 – Supporting the transition towards ecologically-oriented urban planning: what’s the role of early-career researchers*? Innovative findings, experiences, and ways forward
De Luca Claudia, Ronchi Silvia and Cortinovis Chiara


S_07 – Towards denser and greener cities? Methods and indicators to monitor trends and impacts in support of urban planning and policies
Cortinovis Chiara, Ronchi Silvia and Geneletti Davide


S_08 – Innovative Approaches and Methodologies for driving Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Regeneration
Saganeiti Lucia, Fiorini Lorena and Pilogallo Angela


S_09 – The Innovation of Urban Planning Tools for Energy-Resilient Cities
Guida Carmen, Gargiulo Carmela, Cutini Valerio, Zazzi Michele, Zucaro Floriana and Carpentieri Gerardo


S_10 – Spreading Porosity: the Contribution of Planning Tools in Increasing Soil Permeability
ORGANIZERS: Garda Emanuele and Caselli Barbara


S_11 – Research and Standards for Sustainable Spatial Planning (R&S4SP)
Esposito Dario, Gueze Raffaella Francesca, Bretzel Francesca, Tundo Antonella and Capezzuto Pasquale


S_12 – Coastal planning: diagnostic tools to address physical, social and environmental concerns
ORGANIZERS: Di Risio Marcello, Pasquali Davide, Celli Daniele, Castellino Myrta, Scipione Francesca and Fischione Piera


S_13 – Territorial strategies in place-based and community-led energy transitions
Grassini Laura and Bonifazi Alessandro


S_14 – Innovative simulations for urban planning: decoding configuration, morphology and space
ORGANIZERS: Cutini Valerio and Altafini Diego


S_15 – The energy transition of the built environment
Rotilio Marianna and Marchionni Chiara


S_16 – Smart Happy Region. Relationship between Planning and Subjective Well-Being
Garau Chiara, Murgante Beniamino, Gervasi Osvaldo, Rossetti Silvia, Campisi Tiziana, Desogus Giulia and Annunziata Alfonso


S_17 – Innovations in the 15 minute-city approaches: conceptual, data-driven, and practical developments towards a sustainable urban planning
Murgante Beniamino, Garau Chiara, Cutini Valerio, Nesi Paolo, Zamperlin Paola, Altafini Diego and Delponte Ilaria


S_18 – Climate sensitive planning: re-defining urban environments for sustainable cities
ORGANIZERS: La Rosa Daniele, Stanganelli Marialuce and Gerundo Carlo


S_19 – Urban and peri-urban areas: building knowledge and mapping to better plan the sustainable green city
Fiorini Lorena, Pierantoni Ilenia, Di Dato Chiara, Giacomelli Matteo, Marucci Alessandro and Sargolini Massimo


S_20 – Densification and urban regeneration for climate adaptation in sustainable settlements
Romano Bernardino, Marucci Alessandro, Zullo Francesco, Fiorini Lorena and Saganeiti Lucia



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