W_04 – BIM and HBIM: potentiality of the Building Information Modeling for new and existing construction


W_04 – BIM and HBIM: potentiality of the Building Information Modeling for new and existing construction
ORGANIZERS: Pamela Maiezza, Adriana Marra, Alessandra Tata (Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering – University of L’Aquila)

WHEN: 05.09.2023 – 2 PM-6 PM

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: In recent years, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a protagonist in the AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) sector, thanks to the potential it offers in managing information related to the entire life cycle of the building – from conception to construction, maintenance, management, disposal. The secret is to offer a single model for the building project, a tool that can be shared (i.e., “interoperable”) between the various professional figures involved in the building process (architects, structural engineers, plant engineers, etc.). Thus, a single three-dimensional interface is obtained for the development of the project in its various forms and phases (development of graphic designs, structural analyses, energy evaluations, calculations and economic estimates, etc.), which does not end its usefulness with the “inauguration” of the building but also offers support subsequently in its maintenance and management. Such benefits make BIM, nowadays, an essential reality, also sanctioned at the regulatory level.

The workshop aims to illustrate the main features of the BIM process, explaining the workflow and benefits of its use. It will also highlight the potential and critical issues of applying BIM, which originated for the design of new buildings, to historic heritage (Heritage/Historic BIM – HBIM), which, by its nature, is ill-suited to the standardization and typification inherent in BIM.

Finally, through a small exercise, BIM modeling will be tested, i.e. an objected-oriented semantic modeling enriched by heterogeneous information, which allows the integration of all aspects of the building process into a single platform.


Learners are asked to bring PC with Autodesk Revit software installed.



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